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-Click HERE to download the demo (windows package + 2.49 blend file) – permanent link-


The main menu, also, a clear view of the Asteracers’ mothership, the ”Aura”.

””For over a hundred years, space travel has become increasingly quicker and safer.

”The United Worlds Government had previously outlawed a sport known as “asteracing”, in which players race their craft through asteroid fields (thus the name), star systems, dense jungle, and other increasingly hostile environments, due to the incredible dangers the sport entails. Nevertheless, a select and brave few (not necessarily all humans) equipped with incredibly powerful and blazing-fast spacecraft continue to illegally play the sport.””

The Asteracers in one of their final races before the UWG takeover…

◄►The Asteracers manage to operate under cover for around a decade.

”Unfortunately for you, a rookie pilot hungry for adventure, their time has nearly run out.”

◄►A few small Asteracers ships on patrol damage a lone UWG fighter, which has shot one of them down, injuring the pilot. Unfortunately, this provides the UWG with the “legal” backing they need to launch a full-scale assault. A UWG missile strike takes the Asteracers off guard, nearly completely demolishing their base and scattering the remnants of the once-proud rebellion across the galaxy. ”Can the Asteracers regain their former glory, and rise to challenge the UWG’s tyranny once again?”

The epic battle begins…

”’Final game description:”’

◄►Asteracers™ will be an RPG space racing & fighting game, with the main plot focusing on the fate of the asteracers while they struggle to regain their freedom from the United Worlds Government. We hope to include the following features in the final version of the game:
*-Single & Multi-player options, with Hot Seat, LAN and Internet play
*-An Epic story, which will also be playable in Hot Seat mode, without altering the course of the events that will happen
*-Both Multitexture Materials and GLSL modes, with customizable resolution, graphical settings and windowed/fullscreen mode
*-Intelligent scripting and technologies used in order to provide the best graphical quality for the least processing power will be implemented as efficiently as possible
*-Support for game controllers(Joysticks, Gamepads) + customizable keys

◄►”’The Asteracers™ Team”'(will be updated):
*►Polyman – Team leader, modelling, scripting, concept art, soundtrack composing
*►Dedean16 – Lead scripting, modeling, advisor, concept art
*►Dhaher – modeling, texturing, advisor, concept art, site design
*►GAGgc – site design
*►ChristianI_IF – modeling, texturing, general advice & tech artist
*►ShingWanTin – modeling, texturing & advisor(currently focused on his project)
*►Minifig – sound and texture provider + advisor
*►Crasher – modeling & advisor (former team member)
*►Skykooler – scripting, advice & platform porting
*→Logic bricks programming & Animation are made by the entire team

”’Special thanks to our contributors & helpers(some without even knowing it 😉 🙂 ):”’
*•Zootanore •Lilgrudgeboy •Blendenzo •CThames •Social •micah702 •Traa1703 •Blender-G •-[Killer]- •mcguinnessdr •Asros •YoungApprentice •shabazzster •socker •kendrick1397 + many others we haven’t mentioned… Thanks Guys!

”’Special mentions:,,This project wouldn’t have been possible without the following people-we’ll be forever in your debt”:”’
*The •”Blender”, •”Blenderartists.org”, •”The Blender Open Game Teams”, •”Inkscape”, •”Audacity”, •”The Gimp”, •”Linux”, •”Wikipedia”, •”Firefox”, •”Google” & •The Internet + •our workstations’ creators’ + •all free and open source projects’ teams.

””’A very special thanks to our families for their endless support, love and for the very fact they’ve made us what we are now””’

A 2009-2011 Polyman Studios Production. Copyright© Polyman Studios. All rights reserved. (This line is for fun =)) :)) )

”*ASCII code design by ChristianI_IF”


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